Breathing Green´╗┐


What’s the best way to keep our skies blue? Planting more green, of course! Trees fight climate change by removing carbon from the air, but they also improve soil and water quality on earth. EcoMatcher makes it easy to start your own forest.


Trees fight climate change in the air, and improve soil and water quality down here on Earth. In fact, tree planting has played a major role in many customer-facing airline carbon offset programs, with trees planted balancing the equation against aircraft carbon emitted. But we can do more. EcoMatcher allows businesses to plant their own forest of traceable trees, planted by partnering with forest foundations across the world. And once your organization plants a tree, you can track its growth and the forester responsible for it virtually, through a dedicated app.


In 2021, The Registry of Aruba found EcoMatcher and decided to try it out. We gifted trees to our clients and employees, creating a TROA Family Forest together. And now, in 2022, we’re watching those trees grow from little seedlings to sprouts to flourishing plants. If you’ve received the gift of trees as part of our family forest, you can watch them grow too.



Simply download the TreeTracker app, enter your QR code, and learn about your tree itself, or the tree planter taking care of it. You can see your tree on a map, estimate the amount of carbon it captures in a day, week, or year, and even ask questions of bot-powered trees. Together, we’re making the world just a little greener.