Moving Beyond Carbon Offsets

In the mainstream aviation world, carbon offset credits have become the standard operating procedure for greening the skies. To do this, a company must accurately measure the carbon dioxide emissions of their business and then purchase credits that fund net-negative carbon emissions projects. Practically, this can be planting trees or investing in renewable energy. The result “sinks” the carbon emissions back into the atmosphere.


4AIR created an international standard for business aviation sustainably that goes beyond just carbon-neutrality, addressing the climate impact that comes from non-carbon sources, such as nitrous oxides and contrail-induced cloudiness. Through 4AIR’s program, verified carbon offsets also account for these non-CO2 emissions, measured through emissions indexes.

Jet Luxe holds a level 2 rating with 4Air, the international standard for sustainability in business aviation. Through membership with 4Air, Jet Luxe offsets all flights 300% to account for CO2 and non-CO2 emissions.


Since before the company launched in 2021, it has been committed to developing and implementing a strong sustainability policy and series of supporting practices. Through a period of exponential growth in 2021-22, Jet Luxe has stepped up its commitment to sustainability with 4AIR’s guaranteed 300% offset for all its flights, globally. 

“Our customers care more than ever about their impact on the world. They want to leave a better world for their children and sustainable travel plays a major role in this. They and we understand that aviation has a very long way to go to be sustainable, but we are committed to finding sensible long term solutions towards cleaner skies”.