Air Operator Certificate (AOC)



Any person, organization, or enterprise that wishes to operate an aircraft for the purpose of Commercial Air transport must obtain an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from the DCA of Aruba.


AUA OPS 1 prescribes the requirements applicable to the operation of any civil aeroplane for commercial air transportation by any operator whose principal place of business and, if any, its registered office is in Aruba and that has been issued an economical authority in accordance with Article 13 of the Aviation Act of 1989 No. GT 58 and article 3 of the State Decree "Landsbesluit Luchtverkeer" (AB2000 GT86). 


DD-AOC-F  |  Guide for Air Operator Certification provides guidance to a prospective applicant for an AOC to prepare for the AOC application process or the amendment to an existing AOC when varying the AOC/Operations Specifications (e.g., the introduction of new aircraft).


Pre-Application Phase


The person, organization, or enterprise that intends to apply for an AOC should contact the DCA of Aruba to arrange a pre-application meeting to be held at the DCA.


If the applicant intends to proceed and initiate the certification process, the DCA of Aruba will provide forms INS-8.004 and INS-8.005 for the operator to complete for the meeting.


The purpose of the pre-application meeting is to ensure the applicant fully understands the certification process. The operator is requested to be ready to discuss all aspects of the proposed operation and the specific requirements which must be met to be certified as an air operator. It is recommended that the operator’s key management personnel attends.



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