Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

The AMC 033  |  Electronic Flight Bag provides information and DCA policy regarding the acceptable method of compliance for the certification, airworthiness and operational approval for both portable and installed Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) aircraft computing devices.


Operators planning to implement the use of EFB systems will need to demonstrate to the DCA that the EFB system is robust and will not provide inaccurate or misleading information to crews.


When seeking your initial EFB approval, the DCA will provide you with a six (6) month temporary approval, at which said date the operator will need to present their EFB report to the DCA; if found satisfactory the DCA will issue the final approval. 


To apply for your EFB approval, please submit form INS 16.020 page 4 must be completed and submitted along with supporting documentation.