ICAO 83bis Agreement

Any organization that wishes to operate an aircraft for the purpose of Commercial Air Transport, may alternately choose to operate commercially under a foreign AOC utilizing an ICAO Article 83bis Agreement.


An ICAO Article 83bis Agreement defines the division of regulatory oversight responsibilities between Aruba, as the State of Registry, and a foreign civil aviation authority, as State of the Operator, in relation to the operation of the Aruban registered aircraft.


This means that through this agreement, an aircraft registered in Aruba can be operated for commercial purposes by a foreign AOC holder.


In order to initiate and 83bis Agreement with Aruba the operator must submit (2) two official letters: One letter addressed to our DCA of Aruba (see template letter below); and another letter addressed to the CAA of the State of Operator (same text can be used to draft the official letter to both authorities).


The submission of the official letters will lead to both States to commence formal meetings / discussions to support your request.


For further information on the 83bis Agreement process, please contact us at hello@p4registry.com

Relevant Forms and Regulations