Minimum Equipment List (MEL)

AMC 024  | Minimum Equipment List provides guidance and specifies the means for an operator to produce MELs and procedures, so that an aircraft with unserviceable equipment may be dispatched in accordance with the applicable requirements of AUA OPS.


For aircraft operated commercially under AUA OPS 1, the approval of the MEL will be part of the AOC approval process.


Since Aruba’s DCA recognizes that the preparation of an MEL for submission can take a considerable period of time, we will consider applications from General Aviation (AUA-OPS 2) aircraft for the issue of a Permission to use the Master Minimum Equipment List for up to 90 days.


Before the 90-day expiration mark, the operator is responsible for submitting thei customized MEL for approval by the DCA, at which point if found acceptable they shall recieve their final MEL approval. 


The MMEL Permission can be requested using form INS-3.059.



Note: This MMEL authorization can not be granted to Part NCC operators, as per EASA's requirements; any operator based in Europe, at the time of initial registration must hold a customized MEL to submit for approval.