Frequently Asked Questions about Personnel Licensing in Aruba



1. How long does it take to validate flight crew and mechanics?

A Certificate of Validation for a pilot or mechanic can be issued within 24 hours, upon satisfactory receipt of all necessary documentation.


2. How long is the validity of a Certificate of Validation?

Flight Crew and Mechanic validations can be valid for up to two (2)

years. However, the validity shall not extend beyond the expiration date of the foreign license, which they are applying with for their validation.


3. What is the policy for license verification?

License Verification is only required for Commercial Operations, when applying for initial validations or when changes have been made to a license by the Issuing Authority.


4. What is the policy for freelance of Aruban registered aircraft and can they apply for validation on multiple a/c types?

The policy to obtain freelance validation for Aruban registered aircraft is as follows:

  • The validation is strictly issued for a one year term of validity
  • No operator letter is required to be submitted
  • A freelance pilot can apply for as many a/c types as long as a current proficiency check is submitted with each type rating requested (proficiency check must have been completed within the preceding 12 months)                          


5. Can flight crew apply for a validation with a Class 2 medical certificate?

A class 2 medical certificate is only acceptable for Flight Engineers. For both private and commercial operations, a pilot must hold a Class 1 Medical Certificate in accordance with the license state of issue.


6. Does the DCA of Aruba issue validations based on Temporary FAA Airman Certificates?

Yes, the validation will be issued for a period of 120 days from the date of issue of the FAA Temporary Airman Certificate, however the validation will be extended to the full term of validity, upon receipt of the permanent FAA license at no additional charge.

            *NOTE: Aruba does not accept Temporary Licenses from any other issuing authority


7. When can flight crew or mechanics apply for a validation renewal?

A flight crew or mechanic validation may be renewed up to sixty (60) days prior to the expiry of the current Certificate of Validation, with no loss of any remaining validity.


8. Can flight crew receive a validation for more than one aircraft type?

Yes, flight crew may apply for as many type ratings which are reflected on their license, as long as a current LPC and supporting documentation have been submitted for each applicable type rating.


9. Can flight crew and mechanics hold a validation with multiple operators?

Yes, as long as the applicable documentation for both operators has been submitted, flight crew and mechanics may receive a validation for multiple operators.

            *NOTE: All Operators will be reflected on one Certificate of Validation


10. Is an Operator Proficiency Check acceptable in place of a License Proficiency Check or skill test?

No, a pilot must have completed a license proficiency check within the preceding 12 months on the aircraft type requested in order to receive a validation.