At EBACE Choices Matter´╗┐

To introduce 4WARD to our friends and partners in business aviation in Europe, we hosted a cocktail party at EBACE in May. But how to serve the message by the method? We consulted Geneva’s distinguished mixologist, Katalin Bene. Shortlisted as one of the Top 4 Bartenders at the Mixology Bar Awards in 2019, she is known to her colleagues as the “Swiss Tornado,” and she certainly whipped up a stunning selection of sustainable drinks.


Katalin’s three-drink, fully sustainable menu included a signature creation specifically for 4WARD. She called it Choices Matter, a beverage made of gin distilled in Geneva and delivered by bicycle, aromatic verbena grown on a local farm, and juice from seasonal Swiss melons. The melon shells themselves, carved out by Katalin, provided a delicious, tropical, and compostable drinking vessel for 200 guests. Local wildflowers, recycled cardboard, and straws made from the dry stem of wheat - straw itself - completed the presentation.


“Sustainability really matters to me, and it is definitely not just an overused shiny word,” she told us. “Choices really matter, after all.”