Plastic, Be Gone!


Single-use plastic is a major feature in all of our lives. And much of our plastic ends up in the ocean – 14 million tons each year, to be precise. When small plastic microfibers are ingested by sea life, it can kill them and their ecosystems, as well as contaminate the sea food humans consume. When we learned that the ocean is expected to contain more plastic than fish by 2050, we knew we had to act.


This year, The Registry of Aruba is challenging our staff to use less single-use plastic. We had big dreams of eliminating plastic-bottled water, and installed a water filtration system in the office to make it happen. We outfitted our staff with reusable water bottles and explained the plight of the ocean. And we waited for magic.


Instead, Alex found herself pulling plastic water bottles out of the trash and putting them in the recycling! It was obvious some of our staff would take the challenge more seriously than others, but changing our plastic habit is hard for everyone. Single-use plastic cutlery, take-out containers, bags, and plates are everywhere. When we looked around, we realized we were in a flood of plastic, all around the office.


So we’re taking one step at a time. First, we’ll phase out the plastic we still have hanging around, then invest in some real cutlery and dishes for repeated use. One day, everyone will learn how to use the recycling bin, too. And, one day at a time, our plastic use will drip to a trickle.



At least, we hope so.