29 Oct 2015

UAE & Republic of Singapore | Approved Maintenance Organizations by the DCA

The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba would like to announce that U.A.E. and the Republic of Singapore certified MROs will not require to be physically audited by the DCA unless otherwise required.

01 Oct 2015

New rules are applicable in Europe regarding ACAS

Dear Registered Aircraft, please note following information below:

As from 1st December 2015, new rules are applicable in Europe regarding ACAS. All aeroplanes with a maximum certified take off mass in excess of 5700 kgs or authorised to carry more than 19 passengers need to be equipped with ACAS II v.7.1 in order to operate into EU airspace.

This is the last milestone of the EU Commission Regulation No 1332/2011 concerning the ACAS version 7.1 requirements for flights in the EU airspace. The European mandate already applied, as from 1 March 2012, to all new aircraft.

04 Sep 2015

Welcome new Operator Porto Mediterranean Investments Ltd.!

We welcome new operator Porto Mediterranean Investments Ltd. that today has successfully registered its Cessna Citation X aircraft with assigned registration marks P4-MAA. The private operation of the aircraft will be based in Cairo, Egypt.

26 Aug 2015

Qazaq Air to Start Operations in Kazakhstan with a brand new fleet of Bombardier Q400 Aircraft

We are proud to announce that new Kazakh airlines “QAZAQ AIR” has become part of the Aruba commercial operators' family and will start up operations in Kazakhstan with a brand new fleet of Bombardier Q400 aircraft registered in Aruba under registration marks P4-AST, P4-NUR and P4-QAZ.

QAZAZ AIR will commence domestic service in Kazakhstan with the three Q400 aircraft that will be leased from Falcon Aviation Services LLC., who has originally registered the aircraft on August 2015 under private category.

In order to operate commercially, Falcon Aviation Services LLC., has completed the transfer to QAZAQ AIR from the private to the commercial category, CAMO responsibilities and the operational and maintenance control of the aircraft.

We welcome QAZAQ AIR to Aruba Registry!

25 Aug 2015

Aruba and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Executes ICAO Art. 83bis Agreement

The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba (DCA) and General Authority of Civil Aviation of Saudi Arabia (GACA), has executed and ICAO 83bis Agreement which allows Aruban registered aircraft to operate commercially under a Saudi AOC’s issued by GACA. ARABASCO is to be the launch operator to place under its Ops Specs, as the first Aruban registered aircraft with the registration mark P4-NOF.

In accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the 83bis Agreement, allows both authorities to share regulatory oversight responsibilities between the State of Registration (Aruba) and the State of Operation (KSA) of the aircraft, thus ensuring the safety of the aircraft and its operations.

The execution of the 83bis Agreement marks the level of committed partnership and cooperation for maintaining the highest standards in air safety and regulatory compliance with ICAO by both States and its Civil Aviation Authorities, and it is an indication of the safety oversight, reputation and commitment to assist the aviation industry at large.

The Director of Civil Aviation of Aruba, Eng. Edwin Kelly congratulates ARABASCO for choosing Aruba and for trust Aruba with their aircraft for over 16 years.

We look forward to many more fruitful operations in conjunction with GACA.

20 Aug 2015

Global Jet Luxembourg expanded its fleet with brand new G650 aircraft

Global Jet Luxembourg expanded its fleet with brand new G650 aircraft

20th of August 2015, 6:03 PM

Global Jet Luxembourg expanded its fleet with brand new G650 aircraft produced at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation facilities in Savannah, GA. The aircraft successfully passed the official registration procedure in Aruba and received P4-LSM registration marks.

05 Aug 2015

Falcon Aviation Services, our new operator registries its third brand new Bombardier Q400-8

Our new Operator Falcon Aviation Services has registered its third brand new Bombardier Q400-8, P4-QAZ. With the delivery of the aircraft, their transport aircraft fleet has increased to (3) three Q400-8 that will be based and operating in Kazakhstan for commercial operation.

05 Aug 2015

New Operator Falcon Aviation registries two new Bombardier Q400-8

New Operator Falcon Aviation registries two new Bombardier Q400-8, P4-AST & P4-NUR. The aircraft will be for commercial use based and operating in Kazakistan. Falcon Aviation is based Abu Dhabi, UAE.

12 Jun 2015

Boeing 737 registered under Arabasco as P4-NOF

Operator Arabasco registered another 737 with The Registry of Aruba under the registration marks P4-NOF. The aircraft will be operate privately and based in Saudi Arabia.

08 Jun 2015

Arabasco Strengthens Ties with Aruba

We are pleased to announce that the Saudi Arabian aircraft managment and operator Arabasco, has agreed on an MoU for aircraft registration matters in Aruba. The agreement with The Registry of Aruba and legal counsel Gomez & Bikker was signed in the presence of the Minister of Transport of Aruba Otmar Oduber.

Chief commercial officer for Arabasco, Abdallah Bin Radwan Al Cherry said: "We are pleased with this arrangement and look forward to passing the benefits of our relationship on to our clients".

The Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba has already approved Arabasco's Part 145 Maintenance Repair Organisation allowing required work to be performed in Saudi Arabia. CEO of the Registry of Aruba Jorge Colindres said: "Our relationship goes back 20 years and this allows for even greater mutual growth."

Arabasco will surely benefit from the vast experience of The Registry of Aruba in registration matters, but also from the safety oversight services offered by the Registry with its dedicated team consisting of former national aviation administration inspectors and surveyors with extensive industry knowledge, delivering both regulatory and technical services in compliance with ICAO SARP's, EASA, FAA, Transport Canada, Brazil and other global civil aviation authorities.

15 May 2015

Air Astana is celebrating its 13th Birthday!!

Today marks Air Astana's 13th Birthday with another remarkably successful year.

Air Astana remains the only carrier from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Eastern Europe to be awarded the prestigious 4-Star Skytrax rating and named the Best Airline in Central Asia and India consecutively for the three years running.

This year they also received the ATW Airline Market Leader Award and the CIS Business Leader awards for 2015.

Their fleet is one of the youngest in the world with 21 brand new aircraft added to the fleet since 2011.

We wish them all the best and look forward to watching this already amazing airliner improve and grow!

13 May 2015

Somon Air appoints new CEO | Mr. Eugenio Jaime Manzano

Eugenio Jaime Manzano was designated as CEO of Somon Air airline replacing Lloyd Paxton on this position.

49-years old E.J. Manzano is a well-known international professional manager in aviation field. The board of management of Somon Air decided that Eugenio Jaime Manzano could work the following company development program.

E.J. Manzano has two higher education degrees: airline management of Iberia and Executive Master of Business Administration #1080 of Johannes Gutenberg University. His professional career Eugenio Jaime Manzano has started in 1986 as management trainee in Iberia. Since 1989 till 2003 Eugenio Jaime Manzano was workimg in Garuda Indonesia first in the position of manager of marketing and sales, then as deputy of General Director. In the beginning of 2004, E.J. Manzano got the job offer from ArcanaVia Touristik Company and worked as Managing Director of this company around 2 years. Since 2004 until 2010, Eugenio Jaime Manzano was working as Area Manager of Qatar Airways in Germany, Country Manager of Kingfisher airline in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Commercial Director of OLT Express Company. Last five years he was working on the position of Vice-President Commercial Operations Europe Somon Air, and was a Managing Director of Global GSRM GmbH.

Eugenio Jaime Manzano fluently speaks Spanish, English and German.

Somon Air successfully operates the regular flight from Tajikistan to Germany, UAE, Turkey, China, Russia and Kazakhstan. Somon Air has in its fleet Boeing 737-300, -800 and -900.

Congratulation to Mr. Eugenio Jaime Manzano and we look forward to working with him and the rest of the Somon Air Team!

30 Apr 2015

Welcoming FINESSE EXECUTIVE LTD. as the new operator of P4-SAT!

FINESSE EXECUTIVE LTD. will be the new operator of P4-SAT! At the registry we are all looking forward to working with the Finesse Executive Team!

29 Apr 2015

G650 registered under Global Jet Luxembourg as P4-LSM

Operator Global Jet Luxembourg is registering a G650 under the registration marks P4-LSM.

The aircraft will be operate privately and based in Macau.

The delivery is scheduled for August 2015.

29 Apr 2015

Bestfly Worlodwide Registers a Falcon 900B P4-FFF

Operator Bestfly Worldwide is registering their first Falcon 900B under the registration marks P4-FFF.

The home and base of operation for the aircraft will be Luanda, Angola. We welcome this Falcon to our registry.

21 Apr 2015

Aruba Airlines Nonstop Route to Miami

Aruba Airlines plans to launch nonstop service between Miami and Oranjestad on 02 July 2015 with A320.

04 Mar 2015

Nomination of New Manager of Airworthiness and Registration for Aruba DCA

We would like to congratulate Mr. ing. Glenn G.A. Kelly on becoming the New Manager of the Airworthiness and Registration department for the DCA of Aruba. His position will be effective March 1, 2015. We look forward to many more years of great service from Mr. Kelly and the whole DCA of Aruba team.

09 Feb 2015

EC225 | Super Puma Helicopter | New Registation

The Registry of Aruba is proud to register, 3 New Airbus Super Puma Helicopters for a storage-between-leases. The Super Puma's will be stored at Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH (AHD), in Kassel-Calden, Germany. The Helicopters will be registered under marks: P4-MAC, P4-MBL, P4-MRL.

09 Feb 2015

Appointment of New Director at the DCA of Aruba

The Registry of Aruba is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. ing. Edwin F. Kelly as the new Director of the DCA of Aruba, the appointment was made official on the 1st of December 2014; assuming his position effective immediately.

Mr. ing. Edwin F. Kelly earned his Aeronautical Engineering degree in 1993 in The Netherlands. He continued his studies and earned a degree in Aircraft Operations Science. Furthermore he successfully completed the module "Aviation law" at the Leiden University and the module "Air Transportation Science" at the Technical University of Delft. In 2005 he graduated from the Aruban Pedagogical Academy, earning his qualifications as teacher at the high school level.,and recently has obtained his Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the University of Aruba.

Mr. ing. Edwin F. Kelly worked for 6 months at the Rijksluchtvaartdienst (Dutch CAA) and has worked for over 20 years at the Department of Civil Aviation of Aruba, whereby he started as Airworthiness Inspector. After that he becoming the Manager of the Airworthiness & Registration Department and later on formed part of the Management Team, which would then lead to his succession as the Director of the DCA of Aruba.

He was part of the start up of the foreign aircraft registration project in 1995 and one of the drivers of the recent re-branding and re-launching of the Aruban aircraft registry early 2014.Moreover, F. Kelly was part of the team that succeeded in obtaining FAA Category 1 rating for Aruba in 1996, and was part of different ICAO article 83bis negotiations.

18 Dec 2014

SCM Aruba A.V.V registers another aircraft

SCM Aruba A.V.V registers it's 4th aircraft with Aruba. This time a Falcon 7X under registration marks P4-SCM.

The aircrafts base of operations will be Kyiv, Ukraine and will be flying under private registration.

We welcome P4-SCM into our registry!